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Limitless Travel Sports

We offer top exposure showcases for student athletes in Dayton, OH.


Reach the Next Level

Limitless Exposure

Limitless Fun



Limitless Travel

Limitless Exposure

Top D1, D2, D3, NAIA colleges in attendance for guaranteed exposure. We have partnered with the top tournaments and colleges across the US, to ensure you are receiving the amount of exposure you deserve.


Showcase your skills each summer with us!

Image by Ryan Clark
Image by Şahin Sezer Dinçer

Limitless Fun

Travel across the US to compete with athletes from around the world. While you are not competing, our trips are tailored for maximum leisure and fun. Enjoy different excursion activities such as college tours, site seeing and more! We will handle the details and provide a seamless experience with ample support -- you simply need to worry about what to pack!

Become a Better Player

Sports Socks

Limitless Opportunities

Our program allows each student athlete the tools they need to succeed on and off the field of play. We offer mentoring, tutoring, and college prep opportunities for all athletes. Our goal is to help prepare each athlete for the next level -- no matter what that entails.

Youth Basketball Game

Limitless Travel Sports

We are now providing travel teams in the Dayton area. Be sure to check us out as we update our showcases and tournaments each year. We welcome all skill levels! 

LTS Academy 

Join the LTS Team


We're looking for players! Contact us to learn more about the opportunities to join our team.

Be sure to reach out to us for more information

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